May 16, 2012

It's promo time ^^

to all my blog readers!

Sorry sebab currently jarang sangat-sangat nak post kat sini. Bukan apa, life as the 4th sem student ni agak hectic jugak la berbanding semester yang lepas-lepas. Anyway, I want to make this post as short as possible.

Kali ni, mimie nak buat sikit promotion kat page ni. Sekadar membantu rakan-rakan yang rasa berminat nak join. 

1st Promotion!!!!

 to all Arashi's fan out there... 
Malaysia Extreme Arashi Team is taking order for unofficial Arashi merchandise now!
Jom la beli... 
Seriously... for Malaysian Arashi's fan, do not ever miss out this opportunity tau.
Bukan senang nak dapatkan merchandise Arashi kat Malaysia ni.

2nd Promotion!!!

only for UiTM staff/student that stays in Shah Alam area.
Do you want to learn how to cook Japanese food?
Yeah! Now you can. Just sign up for this cooking class that will be held this Saturday.
meet you there!!

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