Jan 25, 2012

Happy Birthday

Hi bloggers~
Today, no matter what, I will make sure that my mood is always
Know why?? Cause today is my hunny bunny's birthday

Dear 桜井翔ちゃん

 *thump thump*


Happy 30th Birthday Sho-chan


Hani said...

Sama ngn jejung nya birthday wei :D

btw, i amin-ed your prayers to study abroad in the next 2 years, please do pray for me, we have a same ambition there, but mine might not be in Japan, but UK instead. huhu.

Semoga ALLAH dengar dan makbulkan doa kita mie :) amin..

♥♥LiTTLeGirLz♥♥ said...

Amin.. Amin... Insyallah. Both of us try our best to achieve what we want. Moga-moga hani pun dapat pergi UK.

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