Dec 20, 2010

ninomiya kazunari premier in doubutsuen

guess what arashian...
nino is going to appear for his first time in aiba's show!!!
no other than the "Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen"
As other member like Sho, Jun and Ohno had make their appearance in doubutsuen, it seems like it's Nino turn to make his.
after i watch the short clip,
nino is juuuuusssst kawai~
and imagine..
nino + puppy = heartmelt
yabai!! yabai!! yabai!! yabai!! yabai!!
can't wait to watch it.... and more excited to download it.

here's the news :
Ninomiya Kazunari to make a first appearance on "Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen"
Popular animal variety show, “Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen“, will get a double-dose of Arashigoodness, as co-host Aiba Masaki will be joined by Ninomiya Kazunari for a 2-hour Christmas special (airing on December 25th). Although he won’t actually be at the studio, Ninomiya will appear nonetheless on a corner as a special guest.
Because Sakurai ShoMatsumoto Jun, and Ohno Satoshi have all made their appearances on the show before, Ninomiya was the only member left who had yet to participate. For his corner, he will appear with female comedian duo, Harisenbon, and play with cute baby animals.
Arashi fans, your hearts might not be able to make it with all this cute overload.
source --> tokyohive

*aaa.... cho cuuuuu~te*

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