Dec 17, 2010

shoking news!!!

sedang aku layan internet nie,
aku terbaca tentang satu artikel
pasal ninomiya kazunari...
yup!! nino-chan dari group arashi

Arashi's Ninomiya Has Brain Disease

Ninomiya Kazunari shocks everyone as he revealed that he has brain disease on an Arashi hosted variety show, Arashi ni Shiyagare (Let's Make A Damn Storm), and that he might not be able to make an appearance on TV in two years or so.
That day the variety show's content turn into a discussion of each of the members woes and how they would try to solve it. Sakurai confessed, "Everytime I wear a wool cap my hair falls out." Aiba Masaki said, "From the day I was born, I've never celebrated my birthday even once." They laughed at their petty troubles, and when Ninomiya talked about his in a relaxed tone, the mood turned somber.

He mentioned that whether it was attending variety shows or performing intense dance moves, he felt extremely tired and exhausted. Despite adequate sleep time, he still feels fatigued. With a grim expression, neurologist Dr.Toshiyuki told Ninomiya, "This is a serious problem, I'm worried that if this goes on your life will be shortened, from forty five year old onwards your brain function will regress," and added, "The Ninomiya two years later might not be able to appear on TV."
Upon hearing this the other Arashi members were very worried and asked Ninomiya about how serious his condition was and how he was dealing with it. The neurologist adviced him to bask in the sun for approximately ten minutes first thing when he wakes up and to consume more carbohydrates.

Though by doing this, it is still unknown whether Ninomiya will be able to recover.

taken from => tokyohive forum
source of article => iFensi

don't worry arashian!!!
it's all A TOTAL LIE
wartawan ni je yang exaggerate 

: even if this isn't true, I can't help but feel worried. damn it.

huge thanks to [info]matsuyaney for providing the links. 
source: HERE and the original post HERE

APPARENTLY, THE ENTRY IS PURE CRAP. and yes, I'm happy about that. thank you to [info]ogoediamond for providing the REAL DEAL. here it is~
Sorry but that is not true!!!!! 
I watched that episode! It is not a brain disease at all. So everyone don't worry. 
Ninomiya said that he was very tired all the time and he was always sleepy so he needed to talk all the time for him to stay awake. This is an effect from not being in the sun (Vitamin something... like the UV thingy that humans need) because he's always inside the house playing games
He also doesn't eat the right amount of foods causing him to be tired all the time. 
Watanabe-san (War Camerman) said that he should be eating a lot in the morning and at lunch time and make his body flow with the sun. While the sun is up, eat a lot and when it is down, go to sleep and relax. 
He also mentioned that he should eat fat food and stuff like that. Like Hamburgers, Steaks, French fries etc. Ninomiya doesn't/can't eat steak, but he considered that he will eat hamburgers because he likes that stuff. 
Then Dr. Toshiyuki told him that he needs to be in the sun more, and get into a healthy act. He also said that he needs to eat. 
It's not a brain disease. Nino just needs to take care of his body :P

source => aramatheydidnt

P/S : masa aku baca nie, terkejut gila-gila... start thinking how arashi without nino... and most importantly how am I without them?? huuuuu~
hope that all those ARASHI member jaga kesihatan mereka
mana x nya, tahun 2009 and 2010 is their busiest year...
macam-mcam aktiviti and mesti masa rehat diaorang x cukup
so, as a fan, I rea~ly hope that they take care of their health!
and to nino-chan..., please lessen your time playing games!!! now, you need sunlight ray for your health also!!!~

those article above is NOT MINE... just for sharing purpose ONLY


Atiqah said...

Mule2 baca...What????
Nino de sakit!
Then bace2...oh slmt juga xkne brain disease...Arashi without nino?MMg xsyok la

♥♥LiTTLeGirLz♥♥ said...

tu ar pasal er kan!!!
akak baca awal2 tu pon memang dah heartbreaker da~
aaaa!!! can't imagine life without them

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