Nov 26, 2010

Oh-chan.., お誕生日おめでとうございます

know who is this dorky little guy???

he is :

A.R.A.S.H.I's leader
the one who <3 fishing very much
the one who is not very talkative in tv shows
the one who easily sleep
the one who is does NOT look like a group Leader
the one who is <3 by his member
the one who is umai in dancing & singing
the one who is umai in arts
the one who love who loves fishing
and the one who captured his fan's heart


*he... when he was chibi*
*Oh-chan at his young age*
when he was young, he seldomly mistaken as Domoto Koichi
hahahah~ somehow, i can believe it...
*shadow boss =)*
<3 watching this cute evil look
*as Uta-onii~ Kya!!!!*
Dan!! Dan!! Dan!!
1st time I see this, I'm shock...
he's sooooo hilarious.... but still sweet
*look like a lost child*
I like this pic the most~
Is he really 30 years old already???
*look kakkoi in glasses*


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